Image Optimizer
Will Help You Reduce Loading Time.


Did you know the major problem that makes a website slow and bulky are heavier images? Due to heavy images the user experience get compromised.

Before ImageOptimizer, making a choice between the beauty and speed of website is a stress on our mind but no more making choices like that.

Reduce the image load without reducing image quality. Use our free image compressor and forget sacrificing the quality.

Speed Up Your Website

Gain the speed your website deserve, Get a better user experience and increase your website SEO.

Increase The Performance

Increase your level of ranking in GTMatix and in PageSpeed Insight using our advanced image compression techniques.

Save Your Time

Stop spending your precious time using bulky software to tune your images. Use our free image optimizer to automate your work.

Image Optimizer WordPress Plugin



Different image compression modes made to fit for all kind of users need. There are 4-types of modes to work with, out of which main types are defined below.

Lossless Mode

Lossless mode provides the best image compression. Suitable for image sizes upto 2 MB, It provides the best compression for maintaining the image quality.

Normal Mode

It provides normal image compression in which the image quality is maintained up to its best limit & the resultant compressed image size is as low as possible.

High Mode

It provides lossey image compression in which the image quality is little bit lossy & the resultant compressed image size is as low as possible.

Smart Mode

Best suited for advanced users who want to compress their images according to their needs. It works on a scale between 0-100. However, we recommend scaling in between 40-70.



Improves Page Load Speed

Even a 1-second delay in your website`s load time can lead to lower revenue. Image Optimizer let you optimize your images in the right way to reduce loading speed.


Improved SEO Ranking

The optimized images are the key tips in ranking a website. Optimized image increases the page loading speed which impact the SEO of the website.


Choose Your Compression Level

In Image Optimizer, You have an option to choose from various type of compression mode. You can even find a Smart Mode for advance Image compression.


One Click Image Optimizer

With our URL Cruncher option, we provide you with the option to optimize all the images on your website just by providing us with your website link.

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